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When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the
local knowledge of investment experts all over the world.
Louisa Lo is one of them.
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Three things to keep an eye on
Three things are on the agenda in the next month that could send markets up or down. Read on to see what you should look out for.
Investors rewarded by European dividend-paying stocks
European dividend-paying stocks have yielded returns significantly higher than the benchmark in 2014.
Pharmaceutical industry in aggressive pursuit of golden drugs
With patent expiries and tonnes of generic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is compelled to develop new drugs that significantly outstrip the second best on the market.
US economy stronger than expected
Expectations for the US economy have been nudged up by improvements anticipated in the housing market and easier access to home loans.
The sun is shining on Japan again
The Land of the Rising Sun seems to be emerging from decades of low growth and deflation. Japanese equities have seen a solid Q2, and experts believe in continued progress for Japanese companies.
China dictates the course for emerging markets
In economic terms, China is the most powerful player in emerging markets. The economic state of the Middle Kingdom is therefore charting the course for emerging markets, according to Chief Analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen.
Chinese data fuel optimism
Business confidence is rising in China according to data from the Middle Kingdom. “This supports our expectation that growth in China will once again begin to rise,” says Danske Invest’s chief analyst. However, housing market data remain a source of concern.
US stocks have potential even after record month
The US stock market continued its record-breaking trajectory in May, with the broad S&P 500 index hitting its highest levels ever. But it still has potential, claims an portfolio Manager from Danske Invest.
Danish Invest named best Russian equity trader
An analysis by Citywire shows that Danske Invest's portfolio manager Olga Karakozova is clearly no. 1 in Russian equities. The study shows that every year for the past five years she has outperformed her competitors.
Opportunities in corporate bonds from the bottom credit shelf
They used to be called ”junk bonds”. But corporate bonds of low credit quality are gaining ground and have become a recognised investment opportunity.
Danske Invest Allocation
Invitation to extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Danske Invest Allocation.
How to invest in emerging markets
After the numerous reports of plunging growth, falling exports and a sharp jump in interest rates, positive sentiment is returning to the region.
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New fact sheets - updated daily
Danske Invest has launched new improved fact sheets which the future will be updated every night to ensure updated versions every morning.
Meet our local experts
When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the local knowledge of investment experts all over the world. You can meet some of them here.
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