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When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the
local knowledge of investment experts all over the world.
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Change of investment objective
As of 15 July, 2015 Danske Invest SICAV Euro High Yield Bond will change investment objective.
Change of investment strategy for Allocation Stable
Following changes in the investment philosophy, Danske Invest Allocation Stable will be much better suited to delivering a stable return in the current low interest rate environment, where investors risk falling bond prices.
Morningstar: Danske Invest awarded as the best equity manager
For the seventh year in a row, Danske Invest has won the award for best equity manager in Denmark. The award shows - once again - that Danske Invest is capable of providing solid and competitive returns.
New fund: US High Yield Bond
Danske Invest launches fund investing in US high-yield bonds.
A view into 2015: Growth in the global economy to continue
Chief analyst in Danske Invest, Bo Bejstrup Christensen, takes you on a world tour presenting his view of the macroeconomic potential in 2015.
New investment opportunities
Danske Invest is expanding its product range by launching a number of new funds.
Attractive stocks for the cautious optimist
High yield stocks represent an attractive investment without too much exposure during a potential recovery for European equities. The trick is to pick the right stocks.
Households benefit from cheaper oil
The price of a barrel of crude oil has dropped by more than 25% since its peak and is now at a post-2010 low. This is good news for private households and should lift consumer spending and, by extension, spur economic growth, according to Danske Invest’s chief analyst.
Defy the trend: go for Europe
The expectations in respect of the European economy are very low, and the European central bank, the ECB, struggles to fight off deflation. However, Danske Invest's macroeconomic analyst takes an optimistic view arguing that the economy has bottomed out and that 2015 will offer some progress.
ECB brings good tidings to European business community
Last week, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that interest rates would remain at the current all-time low and that it is prepared to spend up to EUR 1 trillion on purchasing bonds and pumping liquidity into eurozone banks.
Investing in China
Having had his reservations about China for some time, Danske Invest's chief analyst, Bo Bejstrup Christensen now takes a more upbeat view on investing in the country. However, caution is crucial when investing in China, he says.
Chief analyst: Equity markets will recover
Headlines dominated by recent slump in global equity markets, but Danske Invest’s chief analyst believes that the outlook is for markets to recover.
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Meet our local experts
When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the local knowledge of investment experts all over the world. You can meet some of them here.
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