Best equity manager 8 years in a row

Morningstar has named Danske Invest best equity manager in Denmark for the eighth year in a row.
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Less of a tailwind for global equities
Chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen from Danske Invest explains why we have reduced our equity weightings.
Chief analyst: How we approach the Brexit referendum
The UK referendum on EU membership is contributing to a deteriorating risk/reward ratio for investors.
Have oil prices been dealt a death blow?
Chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen assesses the outlook for oil prices following the past weekend’s failed OPEC meeting
Responsibility is integral to a good investment
Thomas H. Kjærgaard, head of Responsible Investment at Danske Bank, talks about responsible investments in Danske Invest’s funds.
We have just reduced our equity holdings slightly
Chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen is generally positive on the global economy, but expects risk to increase going forward.
Why the expert sees opportunities in European high yielders
European monetary policy and the basically sound health of the corporate sector make European high-yield bonds attractive, says Danske Invest’s chief analyst.
Calmer markets – but uncertainty ahead
INVESTOR BRIEF: We are currently overweight in equities, but expect to reduce risk later in the year.
Time to sell equities?
Chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen sees potential challenges ahead for the equity market.
Rise of the US cyclicals
After a very wobbly start to the year, US cyclical equities appear poised to rise.
Was that this year's biggest buy signal for equities?
Chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen estimates the equity market may have reached its final turning point.
Where did China go?
Positive signals from China despite the gloom, says chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen.
Super Mario never gives up – good for us!
Danske Invest's chief analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen expects that the ECB will do what is necessary to support the market.
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