Meet our local experts

When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the
local knowledge of investment experts all over the world.
Louisa Lo is one of them.
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Danske Invest SICAV
Convening notice: annual general meeting 15-04-2014
Investors face the time of reckoning
The financial reporting season will be initiated at the beginning of April, and it is time for companies to deliver the goods. This is an obvious occasion to review your portfolio.
Award-winning strategy in Danske Invest
Danske Invest’s investment strategy has proven its worth. Morningstar has awarded Danske Invest as the best equity investment management company in Denmark for six years in a row. See the film about our strategy and how we work at Danske Invest.
After the stock market rally in 2013: Are stocks too expensive now?
2013 ended as a good year for stocks in the western stock markets. But what about stock price valuations now? Danske Invest's chief analyst gives his opinion here.
2014: Equities will have another good year
Chief Analyst Bo Bejstrup Christensen from Danske Invest gives his view on 2014. Learn more in the video.
Nascent recovery in Europe benefiting Eastern European equities
Strengthening economic growth in Europe has given portfolio advisor Ole Gotthardt a positive view on Eastern European equities.
Chief analyst: Potential in European stocks
European stocks are relatively inexpensive, and despite the prospects for low growth within the region, the conclusion is that the outlook is good.
Japanese stocks increase in wake of political reforms
Following several years of stagnation, Japanese stocks have seen significant price increases in 2013. The new Prime Minister gets some of the credit for the stock price increases.
The European economy is still lying by
The European economy is recovering at a slower pace than expected says a senior analyst at Danske Invest. Banks are still reluctant to provide loans.
Danske Invest Greater China is changing investment strategy and name
from 1 July, the strategy of the sub-fund Greater China is changed.
Danske Invest (FCP)
Changes in prospectus and other fund documentation.
Danske Invest Russia reaches three years: Receives four stars
Danske Invest Russia, has now existed for three years and has therefore been rated by the independent research agency Morningstar. The sub-fund receives four stars.
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Welcome to our new website
As you may have noticed our website has been redesigned. A new feature is a.o. more details about our funds.
Meet our local experts
When investing through Danske Invest, you benefit from the local knowledge of investment experts all over the world. You can meet some of them here.
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