New type of fund offers ‘all-in-one’ with a special focus on sustainability

Danske Invest is launching a new type of fund for investors who want to significantly diversify their investments but at the same time are keen to focus strongly on sustainability.

Danske Invest Global Portfolio in brief

  • Balanced funds focused on sustainability
  • Five funds with each having their own risk profile
  • At least 75% sustainable investments
  • Investments mainly placed in investment funds, though direct investments also possible
  • Focus on minimising the negative consequences the investments can have on our surroundings

We are launching five funds under the name “Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio”. All five are balanced funds that can best be described as an ‘all-in-one solution’, as each fund spreads its investments broadly across both equities and bonds in a ratio that depends on which one you choose. Common to all five funds is a strong focus on sustainability.

Each fund represents its own particular risk profile. As an investor, you simply have to decide which level of risk suits you and what your sustainability preferences are. You can then lean back and relax, as your investments will be continually modified and adjusted according what is happening in the financial markets.

The five funds each have their own risk profile, which is determined by the share of equities in the portfolio. Global Responsible Portfolio 20 typically includes around 20 per cent equities, while there are 80 per cent equities in Global Responsible Portfolio 80. However, these shares will vary depending on the current tactical allocation.
Fund name Risk profile
Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio 20 Defensive
Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio 35 Moderate
Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio 50 Balanced
Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio 65 Progressive
Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio 80 Offensive

Balanced funds with a focus on sustainability

Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio is not the first balanced investment solution from Danske Invest. You can already choose between four different Danske Invest Mix funds with each their own risk profile. What differentiates this new type of fund is the special focus on sustainability.

“Our new fund type has strict requirements with regard to the sustainability aspect of the investments. At least 75% of investments have to be sustainable. This means the fund is particularly well suited to investors who would like a team of specialists to manage their assets while the investments at the same time contribute to the green transition,” adds, Thomas Otbo, CIO, Danske Bank Asset Management.

Definition of sustainable investment

Sustainable investment is a broad term. How is it defined at Danske Invest, which collaborates with one of Denmark’s largest teams in the responsible investment sphere?

“Sustainable investments have to be viewed against the environmental or social goals the investments contribute to. There is no universal approach to this, and what constitutes a sustainable investment for one fund, does not necessarily fall under the same definition in the strategy of another fund. This also applies to funds at Danske Invest. Many of our funds that fully or partially focus on sustainable investments target investments that contribute to the environmental or social goals that comprise the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Very few companies fully report on sustainability, so such investments are identified using multiple data sources combined with our own analytical model, which internally we call the SDG Model.”

High degree of global diversification

Danske Invest Global Responsible Portfolio funds invest globally and focus on achieving a high degree of diversification among investments. In addition, the funds have another goal of placing at least 75% of assets in sustainable investments.

“The green transition is an important and topical theme which we as professional investors need to consider. Our investments can make a difference to society when we ensure that our money is channelled in the right direction. This is also an area of considerable focus, and as an investor you can contribute to supporting positive developments while also making a good investment”.

The five new funds are already open for investment. Feel free to contact your advisor if you would like to know more about the funds and to find out which fund best suits your risk profile.


What are sustainable investments at Danske Invest?
The Global Responsible Portfolio comprises mainly funds and model portfolios. Hence, the classification of an investment in Global Responsible Portfolio as sustainable will be based on the sustainable investment goals and assessment of the sustainability of the investment in the underlying fund. Given the Global Responsible Portfolio funds’ particular investment universe, these sustainable investments will to a large extent be assessed and classified according to an internal model developed by Danske Bank Asset Management that is tied to assessments of the investments’ contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and labelled bonds.

What is a balanced fund?
A balanced fund comprises a mix of equities and bonds. It is an investment solution where your main consideration is the level of risk that best suits you. Investment specialists assemble the fund for you, deciding which equities and bonds should be included in the fund and then continually modify and adjust them in accordance with market developments.

This publication has been prepared as marketing communication and does not constitute investment advice.

Please note that historical return and forecasts on future developments are not an indication of future return, which can be negative.

Always consult with professional advisors on legal, tax, financial and other matters that may be relevant for assessing the suitability and appropriateness of an investment.

Please refer to the prospectus and the key investor information before making any final investment decision. The prospectus, the key investor information for the fund and information regarding complaints handling (investor rights) can be obtained in English at by clicking on "our funds" -> choose the relevant fund overview -> click on relevant fund -> click on "documents".

Danske Invest Management A/S may decide to terminate the arrangements made for the marketing of its funds.

For more information on the sustainability aspects of the fund, please refer to by clicking on "our funds" -> choose the relevant fund overview -> click on relevant fund -> click on "documents" and click on ”sustainability-related disclosure”.

The decision to invest in the fund should take into account the sustainable investment objectives of the fund as described in the prospectus.


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