Sustainable funds

All Danske Invest’s funds comply with our Responsible Investment Policy. Among other things, this means that all funds consider sustainability risks and refrain from investing in companies whose business is based on coal, tar sands, tobacco, controversial weapons or whose behaviour is harmful. Read more about the restrictions.

Make your money work for a sustainable future

Are you keen to have your investments support sustainable development? Then you can invest in our Sustainable funds. Not only do they consider sustainability risks, they also have one or more sustainable investment objectives. This means they invest in companies and activities that aim to contribute to solving some of the earth’s challenges and creating a more sustainable society. For example, Sustainable funds may invest in companies that support the green transition, develop water technology and ensure clean drinking water, reduce overconsumption of the earth’s resources, prevent pollution, protect the environment, promote biodiversity, create greater social equality and healthier lifestyles or contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in other ways.

Sustainable funds comply with article 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Investing with a clear conscience

As well as investing in sustainable objectives, we ensure that your investment does not have significant negative impact on other sustainable investment objectives. For example, companies in the fund may not hinder the green transition, harm biodiversity, overconsume water resources, hamper the recycling of resources, add to pollution or create social inequality. Companies in the funds must also comply with international minimum standards for human and labour rights and good governance.

Your sustainable options

We currently offer a number of sustainable index funds that focus on contributing to the green transition. We are working on being able to offer more sustainable equity and bond funds in the near future.

Sustainable index funds

If you are keen to support the green transition, you can invest in one of our sustainable index funds. The funds track the EU’s Climate Transition Benchmark and its requirements for how much CO2 companies in the funds may emit in total and how much less CO2 the funds’ investments should emit each year. 

The sustainable objective of the funds is to support the transition to a low-carbon society where resources are increasingly reused or recycled.

What are the climate requirements of the funds?

Reduction in climate impact
The funds track the EU’s Climate Transition Benchmark. This means the funds select companies that are transitioning to climate-friendly business models and are continually cutting their CO2 emissions. Overall, the funds’ investments therefore help reduce the negative impact on the climate and contribute to the green transition. The funds invest in companies that are cutting the CO2 they directly or indirectly emit, for example, in connection with the production or the use of their products and services.

CO2 emission requirements 
Investments in the sustainable index funds emit 30 per cent less CO2 overall than an equivalent benchmark.

Investment restrictions
The sustainable index funds refrain from investing in companies that have a significant negative impact on the climate and society in general. This includes companies that base their business on coal, tar sands, tobacco, controversial weapons, alcohol, gambling, military equipment, pornography, or whose behaviour is harmful.

Annual reduction in CO2
The sustainable index funds have to reduce their total annual CO2 emissions by at least 7 per cent on average. This is in line with the recommendations of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

You can select your sustainable investments here, where you can also read more about the individual fund’s sustainable investment objectives and integration of sustainability risks in the fund’s prospectus. You can also learn more about the sustainability documents connected to our sustainable funds here.