Sustainable investments are the investments of the future

Sustainability plays an important role when you invest with Danske Invest. We firmly believe that our work with environmental, social and good governance issues in our funds allows us to make better investment decisions while at the same time influencing society in a positive direction.

Companies are influenced

When we enter into a dialogue with a company, we contribute to both short- and long-term improvements rather than turning our backs and selling off the equities.

Sustainability is included

Working with environmental and social issues along with good governance, also known as ESG, means we can make better investment decisions.

Investments are deselected

None of our funds invest in companies that are involved in controversial weapons or earn significant revenues from coal, tar sands or tobacco. 

ESG Inside

Funds, which like all our other funds, comply with Danske Invest’s policy on sustainable investments.

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Danske Invest’s policy for sustainable investments applies to all your funds

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Sustainability documents

Under "Fund facts" on the funds’ websites, you will find a number of sustainability documents for every single fund from Danske Invest.  

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Get an insight into our work with sustainability in our funds

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