Focus on active ownership

At Danske Invest, we see no contradiction in making the best possible investment decisions and wishing to take responsibility. That is why we work actively with our investments to understand and influence them. We do this by engaging in dialogue with companies, voting at general meetings and collaborating with other investors.

Dialogue with companies 

When our portfolio managers engage in dialogue with the companies we invest in, they gain a greater understanding of the companies’ business models, strategies and work with sustainability. Moreover, portfolio managers can influence and contribute to companies integrating sustainability to an even greater extent into their business models and thus support long-term growth.

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Voting at general meetings 

At general meetings, we use our voting rights to influence the companies in which we invest. We make our opinions known and vote for and against proposals, so that companies can create long-term value and develop and strengthen their work with sustainability.

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Divestment is a last resort 

If sustainability dilemmas arise, our approach is to engage in dialogue, etc. with the companies we invest in as opposed to  selling off our investments and turning our back. However, if we assess that the expected improvement has not materialised over time, or that a very special situation has arisen that we cannot ignore and we cannot see other ways to put pressure on the company, we may divest our investment.

Collaboration with other investors and organisations

As part of active ownership, we also collaborate with other investors and relevant stakeholders to influence companies and governments to contribute to sustainable development. Furthermore, we are also a member of various investor organisations that aim to promote greater transparency and sustainability standards in the financial markets.

List of partners/organisations: