Introduction to Danske Invest’s sustainable investment policy

All investment opportunities at Danske Invest are covered by Danske Invest’s sustainable investment policy. That way, you can be sure your investments are always built around these four important and fundamental sustainability principles.

We work systematically with sustainability in our funds 

When our portfolio managers analyse and select investments for our funds, we expect that they incorporate sustainability factors into the investment process in the same way as the financial factors.

We influence and work actively with our investments 

In our view, the constructive dialogue we have between our portfolio managers and the companies and so on that we invest in is an effective means of pushing our investments in a more sustainable direction, plus it gives us a better understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in the investment.

We avoid investments that conflict with our sustainability policy 

We have decided to abstain from investing in companies that base their revenues on tar sands or thermal coal, tobacco or controversial weapons in accordance with established criteria.

We are fully transparent in our work with sustainable investments 

Our commitment to working sustainably with investments may from time to time create dilemmas and conflicts of interest. Therefore we always aim to be open about these dilemmas and engage in dialogue with our investors and other stakeholders to find the best possible solution. As an investor, you can always get information on the sustainability of your investments by reading the fund’s sustainability documents, which list the sustainability characteristics of each individual fund. 

External manager requirements

A significant number of our funds are managed by external portfolio managers, such as Aberdeen or Fidelity. We employ external managers who are specialists in specific regions or investment strategies. These external asset managers follow Danske Invest’s investment restrictions and we expect that they integrate ESG alongside the financial aspects of the investment process. Moreover, we also expect them to engage in dialogue with the companies and so on that they invest in to influence them in a positive direction and support their growth and development.