You do not invest in everything

You do not invest in all types of companies when you invest in Danske Invest. As part of our sustainable investments policy we avoid investing in companies that are involved in certain business activities. See excluded companies here

Coal and tar sands

We do not invest in companies where 30% or more of company revenues are derived from thermal coal and/or tar sands. Coal and tar sands are some of the most CO2-emitting forms of energy. This helps support our ambition of contributing to the green transition and the climate goals enshrined in the Paris agreement, and limiting global warming. 

Controversial weapons

We do not invest in companies that are directly or indirectly involved in controversial weapons banned under international conventions. This includes cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines, biological and chemical weapons, and nuclear weapons. Read more:


We do not invest in companies where more than 5% of revenues are derived from the production of tobacco products. This includes both products that are wholly or partially based on leaf tobacco and so-called next generation tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes and snuff.

We restrict companies that are involved in ESG related controversies, practices, or other activities considered unacceptable by Nordic societies and our customers. This includes companies that are involved in sectors or products, which are viewed as controversial or unethical – or companies that are in violation with norms as defined by organizations such as OECD, ILO, UN and others.

If you wish to restrict your investments further in terms of sustainability, you can select funds with the sustainability profile ‘Restricted’. Common to all funds with the Restricted label is that they avoid investing in certain companies or countries based on specific restriction criteria that go beyond tar sands, coal, tobacco and controversial weapons. Read more here