Sustainability is a natural feature of our work with investments

Sustainable investing is about making sensible, long-term investments. That means we both analyse a company’s accounts and earning ability, and we also analyse investments according to so-called ESG factors, which stands for environmental, social and governance. This provides us with greater insight into the companies and countries we invest in and a better opportunity to assess whether an investment is attractive.

Our work with sustainability

Our funds have different investment strategies and invest in different companies, countries and sectors. Hence, funds are affected differently by the various aspects of sustainability. Therefore we tailor the way in which we integrate sustainability into each individual fund in order to create most value for our investors.

Sustainability helps us make better investment decisions


Analysis of sustainability factors

We have in collaboration with Danske Bank developed a special ESG analysis tool to assess sustainability in our research work. Our ESG analysis tool plays a central role in analysing, assessing and identifying the sustainability aspects that can significantly affect a company’s value.

ESG specialists

Our internal department of ESG specialists and analysts supports our investment teams. The specialist ESG team, for example, helps portfolio managers get access to relevant ESG data and tools and to gain a deeper insight into key ESG factors.


Our portfolio managers regularly participate in educational and training programmes on sustainability. This ensures they have the latest ESG knowledge and can further develop and improve our integration of ESG into investment research and decision-making.


We use screening to identify ESG risks and opportunities across our investment universe. Screening is also used to implement specific demands and wishes from investors, such as pension companies and other large institutional investors, and to implement Danske Invest’s general investment restrictions.