Danske Invest SICAV

Europe Long-Short Dynamic Plus Class A-sek hp

Danske Invest SICAV Europe Long-Short Dynamic Plus Class A-sek hp

Today's figures

  • 88.04NAV as of 26.05.2017
  • +0.01%Return 1 day
  • -0.97%Return 1 month (26.04.2017)
  • -0.12%Return (year-to-date)

Objectives and investment policy

The objective of this fund is to generate a positive return regardless of market conditions. This is achieved by taking both long and short equity positions on the European equity market. The return target for the fund is 7-15%, however, the return of the fund depends to a high degree on the portfolio managers’ ability to select the right equities. The fund is accumulating.

Investment policy
The fund invests mainly in equities and equity related securities in companies domiciled in or with main activity in Europe. The fund can invest a small part in securities domiciled in or traded on regulated markets in countries outside Europe.

The risk management of the fund is an important part of the portfolio management. Ideally, the risk management contributes to both minimizing the risk and improving the possibilities for a higher return. The risk is reduced by minimizing the sensitivity against movements in the equity market and by diversifying the investments on approx. 25-35 different strategies which typically consist of one long position and several short positions which will only be taken via financial derivative instruments.

The main part of the fund's NAV will be hedged against the base currency of the fund. However, the fund remains exposed to the currencies of the investments in the fund.

Recommendation: This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 8 years.


The default for the chart is the return for the past 5 years as of end of month or, if the fund is less than 5 years old, since launch. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Risk indicator

The indicator illustrates the typical correlation between the risk and your potential return of the investment.

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Basic information

ISIN codeLU1204912296
Launch date26.02.2016
Ongoing charge
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