Get an insight into how our funds work with sustainability

At Danske Invest, we always strive to keep you fully informed about how we work with sustainability and responsibility in your investments. Below, you can read our policies in this area and learn more about our sustainability documents and reports.

Documents for all our funds

Investment restrictions

The Danske Invest funds adhere to our Responsible Investment Policy. Among other things, this means that the funds do not invest in certain companies that are involved with activities related to controversial weapons, tobacco or coal, for example. We also offer funds that include additional restrictions and that do not invest in areas such as alcohol, gambling, pornography, fossil fuels or military equipment. For all our funds, you can find an overview of the specific sectors, activities and products in which each fund does not invest.

See excluded investments here.

Documents for funds with a sustainable investment objective

Some of our funds have a sustainable investment objective and invest in activities that contributes to a environmental or social goal. These funds comply with article 9 of the EU’s ‘Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation’. 

The funds’ sustainable investment objectives

The statutory document “Sustainability documents” provides an insight into how individual funds invest in and attain specific sustainable investment objectives. Among other things, the document shows:
  • The fund’s sustainable investment objectives 
  • How the fund employs active ownership to influence companies to increase their sustainable activities
  • Which activities, sectors or products the fund does not invest in
  • How we monitor that the fund attains its sustainable investment objectives


Documents for ESG funds

A number of our funds are labelled as ESG funds, which means that they promote environmental or social aspects and good corporate governance (ESG). These funds comply with Article 8 of the EU regulation on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector.


How the funds promote ESG factors


The sustainability document provides an insight into how each fund promote environmental or social aspects and good corporate governance (ESG) throughout the investment process. Among other things, the document shows:

• how the fund selects investments and practices active ownership to promote ESG
• which activities and/or products the fund does not invest in
• how the fund is monitored to assure that it is promoting ESG 
• which ESG data is used to promote ESG 

The sustainability document for ESG funds and funds with a sustainable investment objective is available here.