Responsible investments are the investments of the future

Responsibility plays an important role when you invest with Danske Invest. That is why we take environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects into consideration for all of our funds. By addressing ESG factors, we are better able to select attractive investments and at the same time we can influence businesses and society to move towards becoming more sustainable.

Danske Invest – responsible investments built on a firm foundation

All Danske Invest’s funds adhere to our Responsible Investment Policy, which means, among other things, that the funds encompass sustainability risks, exercise active ownership and refrain from investing in specific companies and sectors. The policy is based on a number of principles that support our ambition to create attractive returns for our investors and to contribute to positive and sustainable development. Read our Responsible Investment Policy here.

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Our foundations are based on the following principles


  • We include sustainability risks in our investment analyses and investment decisions.
  • We are active owners of the companies we invest in and support and influence companies to move in a positive direction.
  • Our ambition is to offer a wide range of ESG funds and Sustainable funds.    
  • We are helping to develop the financial sector’s approach to responsible investments.

Sustainability considerations are a natural part of your investments

How a company works with sustainability, or does not work with sustainability, may have consequences for its business – and consequently for your return as an investor. Because of this, all Danske Invest’s funds focus on reducing what are known as sustainability risks in order to protect your investments. For example, a company’s ability to make money may be adversely affected if it does not adapt to a green economy or if it offers poor working conditions for employees. These sustainability risks are taken into consideration when we select attractive investment opportunities for our investors.

Our sustainability tools


Investment restrictions

Our funds do not invest in companies whose activities are detrimental to the climate, are involved in the tobacco or controversial weapons industries, or operate in violation of international norms and conventions.

Incorporating sustainability

We analyse how companies work with sustainability issues, which enables us to make the best possible investment decisions for the benefit of our customers.

Influencing companies

We are in dialogue with the executive management of companies, and we vote at their general meetings to influence their behaviour and push them in a more sustainable direction. 


Funds that promote environmental or social factors and ensure good governance practices are called ESG funds. The funds promote ESG by investing, for example, in companies that focus on climate and employee conditions, diversity or anti-corruption. They can also work actively to influence companies to become more sustainable or to refrain from investing in companies that have a large and detrimental climate impact.
ESG funds comply with Article 8 of the EU regulation on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector.
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Sustainability documents

You can read more about our work with responsible investments and view sustainability documents for our various funds.

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