Danske Invest SICAV

China Class A

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Tencent Holdings Ltd. 000000000000008.748.74% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG875721634
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADR 000000000000008.268.26% Equities USD USA US01609W1027
JD.com Inc ADR 000000000000006.156.15% Equities USD USA US47215P1066
TAL Education Group - ADR 000000000000003.933.93% Equities USD USA US8740801043
Ping An Insurance (Group) Comp. of China 000000000000003.903.90% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000003X6
Meituan Dianping 000000000000003.703.70% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG596691041
China Merchants Bank - H 000000000000003.173.17% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002M1
DC Holdings (HKD) 000000000000002.842.84% Equities HKD Hong Kong BMG2759B1072
China Everbright International Ltd 000000000000002.392.39% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0257001336
Midea Group Co Ltd A 000000000000002.142.14% Equities CNY China CNE100001QQ5
NetEase Inc 000000000000001.981.98% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG6427A1022
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. 000000000000001.971.97% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0388045442
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd A 000000000000001.851.85% Equities CNY China CNE000000R36
Sun King Power Electronics Group Ltd 000000000000001.761.76% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG857AW1047
Yum China Holdings Inc 000000000000001.731.73% Equities USD USA US98850P1093
China Intl Capital H shares 000000000000001.721.72% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE100002359
China Construction Bank Corporation H 000000000000001.711.71% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002H1
China International Travel Service Corp Ltd 000000000000001.691.69% Equities CNY China CNE100000G29
China Resources Cement Holdings Ltd 000000000000001.601.60% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2113L1068
Shimao Property Holdings Ltd 000000000000001.461.46% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG810431042
China Mengniu Dairy Company Ltd 000000000000001.431.43% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG210961051
Wuliangye Yibin Co Ltd A 000000000000001.391.39% Equities CNY China CNE000000VQ8
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. 000000000000001.351.35% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8878S1030
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 000000000000001.311.31% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG017191142
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co Ltd 000000000000001.291.29% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000004X4
Tiangong International Co Ltd 000000000000001.271.27% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG888311134
Vinda International Holdings Ltd 000000000000001.251.25% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9361V1086
Topsports International Holdings Limited 000000000000001.221.22% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8924B1041
LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd Class A 000000000000001.181.18% Equities CNY China CNE100001FR6
Xiaomi Corporation B 000000000000001.151.15% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9830T1067
Angel Yeast Co Ltd A 000000000000001.131.13% Equities CNY China CNE0000014G0
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. 000000000000001.081.08% Equities CNY China CNE100003G67
Jinyu Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. 000000000000001.051.05% Equities CNY China CNE000000Y37
China Oilfield Services 000000000000001.031.03% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002P4
WuXi Biologics 000000000000001.031.03% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG970081090
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co Ltd A 000000000000000.980.98% Equities CNY China CNE100001KV8
Innovent Biologics Inc. (HK) 000000000000000.980.98% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG4818G1010
Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 000000000000000.970.97% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9894K1085
CITIC Securities Co Ltd 000000000000000.950.95% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000016V2
CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (HKD) 000000000000000.930.93% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2140A1076
Country Garden Services Holdings Company Ltd 000000000000000.920.92% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2453A1085
China Life Insurance 000000000000000.920.92% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002L3
Gree Electrical Appliances Inc of Zhuhai 000000000000000.880.88% Equities CNY China CNE0000001D4
Towngas China Co. Ltd. 000000000000000.850.85% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8972T1067
Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. 000000000000000.760.76% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0027032686
China Dongxiang Group Co. 000000000000000.750.75% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2112Y1098
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd 000000000000000.700.70% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG211461085
Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. Class A 000000000000000.670.67% Equities CNY China CNE100001ZF9
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp 000000000000000.670.67% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8020E1199
Aier Eye Hospital Group Co., Ltd. Class A 000000000000000.510.51% Equities CNY China CNE100000GR6
Shanghai Jinjiang Internationa 000000000000000.500.50% Equities CNY China CNE000000MK0
Bilibili Inc ADR Z 000000000000000.440.44% Equities USD USA US0900401060
Lvji Technology Holdings Inc. 000000000000000.440.44% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG5804E1098
Alphamab Oncology (HK) 000000000000000.440.44% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG0330A1013
Han's Laser Technology Industry Group A 000000000000000.400.40% Equities CNY China CNE000001JQ1
CanSino Biologics Inc. H- Unitary 144A/Reg S 000000000000000.400.40% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE100003F01
Luye Pharma Group Ltd 000000000000000.380.38% Equities HKD Hong Kong BMG570071099
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc 000000000000000.320.32% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2953R1149
HUAZHU GROUP LTD (HK) 000000000000000.190.19% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG465871047
Cash etc. 000000000000003.153.15%
Last updated 30.09.2020
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.