Danske Invest SICAV

Global Emerging Markets Small Cap Class A

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Mphasis BFL Ltd. 000000000000003.903.90% Equities INR India INE356A01018
Beluga Group (USD) 000000000000003.563.56% Equities USD Russia RU000A0HL5M1
Kingdee International Software Group Co Ltd 000000000000003.433.43% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG525681477
ASM International 000000000000003.343.34% Equities EUR Netherlands NL0000334118
Chroma Ate Inc. 000000000000003.213.21% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002360005
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd. 000000000000003.063.06% Equities HKD Hong Kong BMG684371393
FPT Corp. 000000000000002.952.95% Equities VND Viet Nam VN000000FPT1
POYA International Co Ltd 000000000000002.792.79% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0005904007
Syngene International Ltd 000000000000002.732.73% Equities INR India INE398R01022
Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 000000000000002.732.73% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9894K1085
Yanlord Land Group Ltd. 000000000000002.652.65% Equities SGD Singapore SG1T57930854
Piramal Enterprises Ltd 000000000000002.342.34% Equities INR India INE140A01024
PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk 000000000000002.342.34% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000125503
51job Inc (ADR) 000000000000002.332.33% Equities USD USA US3168271043
Biocon Ltd. 000000000000002.152.15% Equities INR India INE376G01013
Baozun Inc ADR 000000000000002.152.15% Equities USD USA US06684L1035
Dino Polska S.A. 000000000000002.142.14% Equities PLN Poland PLDINPL00011
Koh Young Technology Inc 000000000000002.112.11% Equities KRW South Korea KR7098460009
Afya Ltd. (US) (A) (A) 000000000000002.072.07% Equities USD USA KYG011251066
Douzone Bizon Co Ltd 000000000000002.072.07% Equities KRW South Korea KR7012510004
Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte B8 -ADR 000000000000002.012.01% Equities USD USA US4005011022
GHL Systems Bhd 000000000000001.721.72% Equities MYR Malaysia MYQ0021OO004
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd 000000000000001.611.61% Equities INR India INE811K01011
Totvs SA 000000000000001.561.56% Equities BRL Brazil BRTOTSACNOR8
Network International Holdings PLC 000000000000001.531.53% Equities GBP United Kingdom GB00BH3VJ782
HeadHunter Group PLC - ADR 000000000000001.501.50% Equities USD USA US42207L1061
Globalwafers Co Ltd 000000000000001.491.49% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0006488000
Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd 000000000000001.471.47% Equities PKR Pakistan PK0066201010
Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliarios 000000000000001.451.45% Equities BRL Brazil BRMULTACNOR5
Xiabuxiabu Catering Management 000000000000001.441.44% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG982971072
Logo Yazilim Sanayi Ve Ticar 000000000000001.401.40% Equities TRY Turkey TRALOGOW91U2
Far East Horizon Ltd 000000000000001.371.37% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0000077468
Centre Testing International Group LTD A 000000000000001.371.37% Equities CNY China CNE100000GV8
Fortis Healthcare Ltd 000000000000001.361.36% Equities INR India INE061F01013
Container Corporation of India Ltd 000000000000001.291.29% Equities INR India INE111A01025
Endava PLC (ADR) 000000000000001.281.28% Equities USD USA US29260V1052
Grana y Montero S.A. ADR 000000000000001.221.22% Equities USD USA US38500P2083
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd 000000000000001.211.21% Equities INR India INE531A01024
Habib Bank Ltd 000000000000001.201.20% Equities PKR Pakistan PK0085101019
ASA International Group Plc 000000000000001.191.19% Equities GBP United Kingdom GB00BDFXHW57
Mobile World Investment Corp 000000000000001.151.15% Equities VND Viet Nam VN000000MWG0
GeoPark Ltd (USD) 000000000000001.071.07% Equities USD USA BMG383271050
Parque Arauco S.A. 000000000000001.051.05% Equities CLP Chile CLP763281068
Sporton International Inc 000000000000001.021.02% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0006146004
Cleopatra Hospital Company 000000000000000.970.97% Equities EGP Egypt EGS729J1C018
TAIWAN UNION TECHNOLOGY CORP (TW) 000000000000000.950.95% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0006274004
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd 000000000000000.940.94% Equities INR India INE334L01012
Venustech Group Inc A 000000000000000.940.94% Equities CNY China CNE100000QJ2
Accton Technology Corp. 000000000000000.930.93% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002345006
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC 000000000000000.890.89% Equities NGN Nigeria NGGUARANTY06
BEC World Pcl (foreign) 000000000000000.880.88% Equities THB Thailand TH0592010Z14
ASPEED Technology Inc 000000000000000.850.85% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0005274005
PT Bank Nisp Tbk 000000000000000.820.82% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000094402
Notre Dame Intermedica Participacoes SA 000000000000000.670.67% Equities BRL Brazil BRGNDIACNOR2
Cafe24 Corp 000000000000000.670.67% Equities KRW South Korea KR7042000000
BK Brasil Operacao e Assessoria a Restaurantes 000000000000000.660.66% Equities BRL Brazil BRBKBRACNOR4
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd 000000000000000.640.64% Equities INR India INE551W01018
Voltronic Power Technology Corp 000000000000000.540.54% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0006409006
Vietnam Technological And Commercial Joint Sto 000000000000000.360.36% Equities VND Viet Nam VN000000TCB8
IRSA Propiedades Comerciales SA (ADR) 000000000000000.300.30% Equities USD USA US4635881034
Delfi Ltd. 000000000000000.070.07% Equities SGD Singapore SG1Q25921608
Voltronic Power Technology Corp Temp 20200916 000000000000000.020.02% Equities TWD n/a UNKN261369
Cash etc. 000000000000000.880.88%
Last updated 30.09.2020
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.