Danske Invest SICAV

Global Emerging Markets Class I

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. 000000000000007.647.64% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002330008
Tencent Holdings Ltd. 000000000000005.285.28% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG875721634
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADR 000000000000004.304.30% Equities USD USA US01609W1027
Samsung Electronics 000000000000002.592.59% Equities KRW South Korea KR7005930003
Samsung Electronics (Pref.) 000000000000002.342.34% Equities KRW South Korea KR7005931001
MediaTek Inc. 000000000000001.931.93% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002454006
Reliance Industries 000000000000001.921.92% Equities INR India INE002A01018
Meituan Dianping 000000000000001.851.85% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG596691041
Li Ning Company Ltd. 000000000000001.761.76% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG5496K1242
HANSOL CHEMICAL CO LTD (KR) 000000000000001.641.64% Equities KRW South Korea KR7014680003
Pinduoduo Inc 000000000000001.631.63% Equities USD USA US7223041028
NetEase Inc. (ADR) 000000000000001.571.57% Equities USD USA US64110W1027
LUKOIL Oil Company PJSC ADR (GB) 000000000000001.561.56% Equities USD Russia US69343P1057
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. 000000000000001.501.50% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000083648
ICICI Bank Ltd 000000000000001.481.48% Equities INR India INE090A01021
NAVER Corp 000000000000001.401.40% Equities KRW South Korea KR7035420009
eMemory Technology Inc 000000000000001.391.39% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0003529004
SK Hynix Inc. 000000000000001.391.39% Equities KRW South Korea KR7000660001
XPeng Inc ADR 000000000000001.371.37% Equities USD USA US98422D1054
HDFC Bank Ltd 000000000000001.331.33% Equities INR India INE040A01034
Itau Unibanco Holding SA Pref. 000000000000001.321.32% Equities BRL Brazil BRITUBACNPR1
China Construction Bank Corporation H 000000000000001.301.30% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002H1
JD.com Inc ADR 000000000000001.271.27% Equities USD USA US47215P1066
Natura &Co Holding SA 000000000000001.211.21% Equities BRL Brazil BRNTCOACNOR5
Bilibili Inc ADR Z 000000000000001.181.18% Equities USD USA US0900401060
Zai Lab Ltd HK 000000000000001.131.13% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9887T1085
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. 000000000000001.111.11% Equities CNY China CNE100003G67
Li Auto Inc. 000000000000001.051.05% Equities USD USA US50202M1027
Unimicron Technology Corp. 000000000000001.031.03% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0003037008
Suzano Papel e Celulose SA 000000000000001.011.01% Equities BRL Brazil BRSUZBACNOR0
Bharti Airtel Limited 000000000000000.930.93% Equities INR India INE397D01024
Axis Bank Ltd 000000000000000.920.92% Equities INR India INE238A01034
NovaTek GDR (GB) 000000000000000.890.89% Equities USD Russia US6698881090
China Merchants Bank - H 000000000000000.880.88% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002M1
Housing Development Finance 000000000000000.870.87% Equities INR India INE001A01036
PT Bank Central Asia Tbk 000000000000000.860.86% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000109507
Al Rajhi Bank 000000000000000.840.84% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA0007879113
Yandex NV A (USD) 000000000000000.840.84% Equities USD Russia NL0009805522
Silergy Corp 000000000000000.830.83% Equities TWD Taiwan KYG8190F1028
Hon Hai Precision Industry 000000000000000.810.81% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002317005
Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd. 000000000000000.800.80% Equities CNY China CNE1000018M7
Grupo Financiero Banorte SAB de CV 000000000000000.760.76% Equities MXN Mexico MXP370711014
Fomento Economico Mexicano (ADR) Femsa 000000000000000.740.74% Equities USD USA US3444191064
China Petroleum & Chemical H Sinopec 000000000000000.720.72% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000002Q2
OTP Bank 000000000000000.720.72% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000061726
Azul Pref. 000000000000000.710.71% Equities BRL Brazil BRAZULACNPR4
Samsung SDI 000000000000000.710.71% Equities KRW South Korea KR7006400006
KB Financial Group Inc 000000000000000.710.71% Equities KRW South Korea KR7105560007
Sberbank 000000000000000.700.70% Equities RUB Russia RU0009029540
Kia Motors Corp. 000000000000000.690.69% Equities KRW South Korea KR7000270009
Shinhan Financial Group 000000000000000.690.69% Equities KRW South Korea KR7055550008
Shenzhou International Group Ltd 000000000000000.690.69% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8087W1015
CP ALL Public Co Ltd (Foreign) 000000000000000.640.64% Equities THB Thailand TH0737010Y16
Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services 000000000000000.640.64% Equities CNY China CNE100000L55
Thai Beverage Public Co Ltd. (SGD) 000000000000000.620.62% Equities SGD Singapore TH0902010014
Ping An Insurance (Group) Comp. of China 000000000000000.620.62% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000003X6
Ayala Land Inc 000000000000000.590.59% Equities PHP Philippines PHY0488F1004
Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Co. 000000000000000.570.57% Equities CNY China CNE000001M22
Shriram Transport Finance Co Ltd 000000000000000.570.57% Equities INR India INE721A01013
Reliance Industries (GDR) 000000000000000.560.56% Equities USD United Kingdom US7594701077
Absa Group Limited 000000000000000.540.54% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000255915
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 000000000000000.520.52% Equities INR India INE237A01028
LG Chem Ltd. 000000000000000.520.52% Equities KRW South Korea KR7051910008
Ctrip.com International Ltd ADR 000000000000000.520.52% Equities USD USA US89677Q1076
Localiza Rent a Car SA 000000000000000.520.52% Equities BRL Brazil BRRENTACNOR4
Bank Mandiri (Persero) 000000000000000.510.51% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000095003
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV 000000000000000.500.50% Equities MXN Mexico MXP001661018
Siam Commercial Bank (Foreign) 000000000000000.500.50% Equities THB Thailand TH0015010018
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. H 000000000000000.490.49% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000003G1
Infosys Ltd 000000000000000.490.49% Equities INR India INE009A01021
TCS Group Holding Plc (GDR) REGS A 000000000000000.480.48% Equities USD United Kingdom US87238U2033
Realtek Semiconductor Corp 000000000000000.480.48% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002379005
BILIBILI INC-CLASS Z (HK) 000000000000000.460.46% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG1098A1013
Hana Financial Holdings 000000000000000.440.44% Equities KRW South Korea KR7086790003
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 000000000000000.430.43% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG017191142
Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd. Class H 000000000000000.420.42% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE100003PG4
Xiaomi Corporation B 000000000000000.410.41% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9830T1067
WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd. Class H 000000000000000.390.39% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE100003F19
Chemical Works of Richter Gedeon Plc 000000000000000.390.39% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000123096
Capitec Bank Holdings Limited 000000000000000.390.39% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000035861
Sberbank (USD) 000000000000000.380.38% Equities USD Russia RU0009029540
Naspers N Shares 000000000000000.370.37% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000015889
Indraprastha Gas Ltd 000000000000000.360.36% Equities INR India INE203G01027
China Gas Holding Ltd 000000000000000.350.35% Equities HKD Hong Kong BMG2109G1033
Hyundai Mobis 000000000000000.340.34% Equities KRW South Korea KR7012330007
Angel Yeast Co Ltd A 000000000000000.340.34% Equities CNY China CNE0000014G0
Atacadao SA 000000000000000.320.32% Equities BRL Brazil BRCRFBACNOR2
America Movil SAB de C.V. Serie L 000000000000000.310.31% Equities MXN Mexico MXP001691213
Gazprom ADR (GB) 000000000000000.290.29% Equities USD Russia US3682872078
Petronet LNG Ltd 000000000000000.290.29% Equities INR India INE347G01014
Gerdau S.A. (pref.) 000000000000000.280.28% Equities BRL Brazil BRGGBRACNPR8
Banco Bradesco S.A. (Pref.) 000000000000000.260.26% Equities BRL Brazil BRBBDCACNPR8
Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile SA (ADR) 000000000000000.260.26% Equities USD USA US8336351056
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. 000000000000000.240.24% Equities INR India INE467B01029
COUPANG LLC - A (US) 000000000000000.230.23% Equities USD USA US22266T1097
KUAISHOU TECHNOLOGY B (HK) 000000000000000.230.23% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG532631028
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras (Pref.) 000000000000000.230.23% Equities BRL Brazil BRPETRACNPR6
E.Sun Financial Holding Co. 000000000000000.220.22% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002884004
Chailease Holding Company Limited 000000000000000.220.22% Equities TWD Taiwan KYG202881093
Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte SAB de CV 000000000000000.220.22% Equities MXN Mexico MX01OM000018
Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd 000000000000000.220.22% Equities CNY China CNE0000018R8
AngloGold Ashanti 000000000000000.210.21% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000043485
LG Innotek Co Ltd 000000000000000.210.21% Equities KRW South Korea KR7011070000
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (ADR) (ord.) 000000000000000.210.21% Equities USD USA US71654V4086
XPENG INC A (HK) 000000000000000.180.18% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG982AW1003
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk 000000000000000.170.17% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000118201
Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co 000000000000000.170.17% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG549581067
MTN Group 000000000000000.160.16% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000042164
JD Health International Inc. 000000000000000.160.16% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG5074A1004
LG Household & Health Care Ltd. 000000000000000.140.14% Equities KRW South Korea KR7051900009
Azul SA ADR 000000000000000.140.14% Equities USD USA US05501U1060
Infosys Ltd. (ADR) 000000000000000.110.11% Equities USD USA US4567881085
International Games System Co Ltd 000000000000000.100.10% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0003293007
Cash etc. 000000000000003.113.11%
Last updated 31.08.2021
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.