Danske Invest SICAV

Russia Class A

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Yandex NV A (USD) 000000000000007.467.46% Equities USD Russia NL0009805522
Gazprom PJSC (USD) 000000000000006.686.68% Equities USD Russia RU0007661625
LUKOIL Oil Company PJSC (USD) 000000000000006.256.25% Equities USD Russia RU0009024277
Sberbank (USD) 000000000000005.805.80% Equities USD Russia RU0009029540
Magnit PJSC (USD) 000000000000005.465.46% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JKQU8
MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC ADR (GB) 000000000000005.415.41% Equities USD Russia US55315J1025
Surgutneftegaz Pref. (USD) 000000000000004.924.92% Equities USD Russia RU0009029524
Mobile Telesystems PJSC (USD) 000000000000004.854.85% Equities USD Russia RU0007775219
X5 Retail GDR (GB) 000000000000004.694.69% Equities USD Russia US98387E2054
Polymetal International Plc 000000000000004.294.29% Equities GBP United Kingdom JE00B6T5S470
Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS OJSC (B9GFHQ6) (USD) 000000000000003.983.98% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JR4A1
Rosneft Oil Company (USD) 000000000000003.793.79% Equities USD Russia RU000A0J2Q06
Inter RAO UES (USD) 000000000000003.763.76% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JPNM1
Severstal PAO GDR 000000000000003.743.74% Equities USD United Kingdom US8181503025
Tatneft (USD) 000000000000003.463.46% Equities USD Russia RU0009033591
Alrosa CJSC (USD) 000000000000003.333.33% Equities USD Russia RU0007252813
Mail.Ru Group Ltd. (USD) 000000000000002.972.97% Equities USD Russia US5603172082
Petropavlovsk Plc 000000000000002.672.67% Equities GBP United Kingdom GB0031544546
Novolipetsk Steel GDR (GB) 000000000000002.582.58% Equities USD Russia US67011E2046
Detsky mir PJSC (USD) 000000000000001.701.70% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JSQ90
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works CLS (USD) 000000000000001.601.60% Equities USD Russia RU0009084396
QIWI plc (ADR) 000000000000001.351.35% Equities USD Russia US74735M1080
Halyk Savings Bank-GDR REG S 000000000000001.271.27% Equities USD United Kingdom US46627J3023
LSR Group OJSC GDR 000000000000001.041.04% Equities USD Russia US50218G2066
Gruppa Kompany PIK OAO (USD) 000000000000000.990.99% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JP7J7
TCS Group Holding Plc (GDR) REGS A 000000000000000.930.93% Equities USD United Kingdom US87238U2033
Globaltrans Inv GDR (GB) 000000000000000.800.80% Equities USD Russia US37949E2046
Global Ports Investments Plc (GDR) REGS 000000000000000.790.79% Equities USD United Kingdom US37951Q2021
Unipro PJSC (USD) 000000000000000.740.74% Equities USD Russia RU000A0JNGA5
Akron OJSC 000000000000000.650.65% Equities USD Russia RU0009028674
Enel Russia OJSC 000000000000000.610.61% Equities USD Russia RU000A0F5UN3
Sberbank CLS Pref. USD 000000000000000.570.57% Equities USD Russia RU0009029557
TBC Bank Group PLC 000000000000000.210.21% Equities GBP Georgia GB00BYT18307
Cash etc. 000000000000000.680.68%
Last updated 30.09.2020
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.