Danske Invest SICAV

Emerging and Frontier Markets Class A

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Will Semiconductor Ltd. 000000000000002.232.23% Equities CNY China CNE100002XM8
C&S Paper Co Ltd A 000000000000002.102.10% Equities CNY China CNE100000X36
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co Ltd A 000000000000001.971.97% Equities CNY China CNE100001KV8
SITC International Holdings Co Ltd 000000000000001.941.94% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8187G1055
Li Ning Company Ltd. 000000000000001.891.89% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG5496K1242
Shenzhou International Group Ltd 000000000000001.881.88% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG8087W1015
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. 000000000000001.861.86% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0669013440
Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Tec 000000000000001.851.85% Equities CNY China CNE100001JZ1
China Resources Beer Holdings Co. Ltd 000000000000001.801.80% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0291001490
Hana Microelectronics Public Co Ltd (Foreign) 000000000000001.771.77% Equities THB Thailand TH0324B10Z19
China Intl Capital H shares 000000000000001.761.76% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE100002359
Yum China Holdings Inc 000000000000001.751.75% Equities USD USA US98850P1093
Fawry for Banking & Payment Te 000000000000001.711.71% Equities EGP Egypt EGS745L1C014
Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd. 000000000000001.661.66% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9828G1082
Tata Communications Ltd. 000000000000001.481.48% Equities INR India INE151A01013
Jubilant Organosys Ltd 000000000000001.371.37% Equities INR India INE700A01033
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd A 000000000000001.351.35% Equities CNY China CNE000000JP5
Hightech Payment Systems SA 000000000000001.291.29% Equities MAD Marokko MA0000011611
PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk 000000000000001.291.29% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000128309
Safaricom Ltd 000000000000001.281.28% Equities KES Kenya KE1000001402
Integrated Diagnostics Holding 000000000000001.251.25% Equities USD United Kingdom JE00BLKGSR75
MercadoLibre Inc 000000000000001.191.19% Equities USD USA US58733R1023
Commercial International Bank 000000000000001.111.11% Equities EGP Egypt EGS60121C018
SIA Engineering Co Ltd 000000000000001.101.10% Equities SGD Singapore SG1I53882771
Security Bank Corporation 000000000000001.091.09% Equities PHP Philippines PHY7571C1000
PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk 000000000000001.031.03% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000137201
Alliance Financial Group Berhad 000000000000001.021.02% Equities MYR Malaysia MYL2488OO004
Ho Chi Minh City Development J 000000000000001.011.01% Equities VND Viet Nam VN000000HDB1
Silverlake Axis Ltd 000000000000001.011.01% Equities SGD Singapore BMG8226U1071
Alliance Global Group, Inc 000000000000001.001.00% Equities PHP Philippines PHY003341054
Gtpl Hathway Ltd 000000000000000.980.98% Equities INR India INE869I01013
Manila Water Company Inc 000000000000000.940.94% Equities PHP Philippines PHY569991086
Globant S.A. (US) 000000000000000.930.93% Equities USD USA LU0974299876
Equity Group Holdings Limited 000000000000000.930.93% Equities KES Kenya KE0000000554
United Electronics Company 000000000000000.930.93% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA12U0RHUHH8
Philippine National Bank PNB 000000000000000.920.92% Equities PHP Philippines PHY7027H1583
Siam City Cement Public Co Ltd NVDR 000000000000000.920.92% Equities THB Thailand TH0021010R14
Mobile Telesystems PJSC (USD) 000000000000000.910.91% Equities USD Russia RU0007775219
InRetail Peru Corp (USD) 000000000000000.910.91% Equities USD Peru PAL1801171A1
Halyk Savings Bank-GDR REG S 000000000000000.900.90% Equities USD United Kingdom US46627J3023
TV18 Broadcast Ltd 000000000000000.900.90% Equities INR India INE886H01027
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd 000000000000000.900.90% Equities INR India INE256A01028
Label Vie 000000000000000.890.89% Equities MAD Marokko MA0000011801
Aramex PJSC 000000000000000.890.89% Equities AED United Arab Emirates AEA002301017
Haci Omer Sabanci Holding AS 000000000000000.850.85% Equities TRY Turkey TRASAHOL91Q5
PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk 000000000000000.820.82% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000122609
Grupa Kety S.A. 000000000000000.780.78% Equities PLN Poland PLKETY000011
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works CLS (USD) 000000000000000.780.78% Equities USD Russia RU0009084396
Credit Suisse Nassau P-Note on Eq 2/09-2021 000000000000000.770.77% Equities USD Luxembourg XS1872022642
Banco Davivienda SA 000000000000000.770.77% Equities COP Colombia COB51PA00076
Genomma Lab Internacional SAB de CV - B 000000000000000.760.76% Equities MXN Mexico MX01LA010006
Grupo Traxion SAB de CV 000000000000000.750.75% Equities MXN Mexico MX01TR0H0006
Al Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance 000000000000000.730.73% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA12A0540J14
Mouwasat Medical Services Company 000000000000000.730.73% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA12C051UH11
Tata Motors Ltd. A DVR 000000000000000.720.72% Equities INR India IN9155A01020
Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc A 000000000000000.700.70% Equities USD USA VGG0457F1071
Sok Marketler Ticaret A.S. 000000000000000.700.70% Equities TRY Turkey TRESOKM00022
Sberbank (USD) 000000000000000.690.69% Equities USD Russia RU0009029540
Tata Global Beverages Ltd 000000000000000.680.68% Equities INR India INE192A01025
Bupa Arabia for Cooperative In 000000000000000.680.68% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA1210540914
The Federal Bank Ltd 000000000000000.680.68% Equities INR India INE171A01029
PT Link Net Tbk 000000000000000.670.67% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000131808
La Comer SAB de CV 000000000000000.650.65% Equities MXN Mexico MX01LA050010
Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrik 000000000000000.650.65% Equities TRY Turkey TRAEREGL91G3
State Bank of India 000000000000000.640.64% Equities INR India INE062A01020
Mail.Ru Group Ltd. (USD) 000000000000000.630.63% Equities USD Russia US5603172082
Nova Ljubljanska Banka dd 000000000000000.600.60% Equities EUR United Kingdom US66980N2036
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GDR) 000000000000000.590.59% Equities USD United Kingdom US40124Q2084
LSR Group OJSC GDR 000000000000000.590.59% Equities USD Russia US50218G2066
MM Group for Industry & Intern 000000000000000.570.57% Equities EGP Egypt EGS75011C014
Megacable Holdings SAB de CV 000000000000000.570.57% Equities MXN Mexico MX01ME090003
Grupo Comercial Chedrui S.A.B de C.V 000000000000000.550.55% Equities MXN Mexico MX01CH170002
Nestle Foods Nigeria PLC 000000000000000.530.53% Equities NGN Nigeria NGNESTLE0006
PT Sentul City Tbk A 000000000000000.530.53% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000104201
Cipla Ltd. 000000000000000.520.52% Equities INR India INE059A01026
BRD-Groupe Societe Generale 000000000000000.510.51% Equities RON Romania ROBRDBACNOR2
Banco BTG Pactual S.A. Units Cons of 1 Sh + 2 Pfd 000000000000000.500.50% Equities BRL Brazil BRBPACUNT006
Sao Martinho SA 000000000000000.500.50% Equities BRL Brazil BRSMTOACNOR3
MTN Group 000000000000000.500.50% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000042164
Cairo Investment & Real Estate 000000000000000.490.49% Equities EGP Egypt EGS65541C012
Ulker Biskuvi Sanayi A.S. 000000000000000.480.48% Equities TRY Turkey TREULKR00015
CPFL Energia SA 000000000000000.470.47% Equities BRL Brazil BRCPFEACNOR0
Vina Concha y Toro S.A. (Conchatoro) 000000000000000.470.47% Equities CLP Chile CLP9796J1008
Yandex NV A (USD) 000000000000000.460.46% Equities USD Russia NL0009805522
B3 SA - Brasil Bolsa Balcao 000000000000000.450.45% Equities BRL Brazil BRB3SAACNOR6
Obour Land For Food Industries 000000000000000.450.45% Equities EGP Egypt EGS30AL1C012
Hapvida Participacoes e Investimentos SA 000000000000000.440.44% Equities BRL Brazil BRHAPVACNOR4
Woolworths Holdings Ltd. 000000000000000.430.43% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000063863
SIMPAR S.A. 000000000000000.430.43% Equities BRL Brazil BRSIMHACNOR0
Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen SA 000000000000000.430.43% Equities PLN Poland PLPZU0000011
Sul America SA 000000000000000.420.42% Equities BRL Brazil BRSULACDAM12
Mutandis SCA 000000000000000.410.41% Equities MAD Marokko MA0000012395
X5 Retail GDR (GB) 000000000000000.410.41% Equities USD Russia US98387E2054
Mr Price Group Ltd 000000000000000.410.41% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000200457
Va Tech Wabag Ltd 000000000000000.410.41% Equities INR India INE956G01038
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC 000000000000000.400.40% Equities NGN Nigeria NGSTANBIC003
Discovery Limited 000000000000000.400.40% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000022331
Hikal Ltd 000000000000000.400.40% Equities INR India INE475B01022
Itau Unibanco Holding SA Pref. 000000000000000.390.39% Equities BRL Brazil BRITUBACNPR1
TBC Bank Group PLC 000000000000000.380.38% Equities GBP Georgia GB00BYT18307
Movida Participacoes SA 000000000000000.360.36% Equities BRL Brazil BRMOVIACNOR0
Orange Polska SA 000000000000000.360.36% Equities PLN Poland PLTLKPL00017
Adamjee Insurance Co Ltd 000000000000000.330.33% Equities PKR Pakistan PK0004901010
GMR Infrastructure Ltd 000000000000000.330.33% Equities INR India INE776C01039
Cia Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paolo 000000000000000.320.32% Equities BRL Brazil BRSBSPACNOR5
ABB Power Products & Systems India Ltd 000000000000000.300.30% Equities INR India INE07Y701011
Global Ports Investments Plc (GDR) REGS 000000000000000.300.30% Equities USD United Kingdom US37951Q2021
MCB Group Ltd. 000000000000000.290.29% Equities MUR Mauritius MU0424N00005
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd 000000000000000.270.27% Equities INR India INE982F01036
Gerdau S.A. (pref.) 000000000000000.270.27% Equities BRL Brazil BRGGBRACNPR8
Via Varejo SA 000000000000000.270.27% Equities BRL Brazil BRVVARACNOR1
AVI Ltd 000000000000000.270.27% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000049433
East African Breweries LTD 000000000000000.270.27% Equities KES Kenya KE0000000216
Impel S.A. 000000000000000.260.26% Equities PLN Poland PLIMPEL00011
Minerva SA 000000000000000.260.26% Equities BRL Brazil BRBEEFACNOR6
Egyptian Intl Pharmaceutical Industr. (EIPICO) 000000000000000.260.26% Equities EGP Egypt EGS38081C013
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras (Pref.) 000000000000000.260.26% Equities BRL Brazil BRPETRACNPR6
B2W Companhia Digital 000000000000000.240.24% Equities BRL Brazil BRBTOWACNOR8
Hemisphere Properties India Ltd 000000000000000.240.24% Equities INR India INE0AJG01018
Raymond Ltd. 000000000000000.220.22% Equities INR India INE301A01014
Georgia Capital PLC 000000000000000.210.21% Equities GBP United Kingdom GB00BF4HYV08
Suzano Papel e Celulose SA 000000000000000.210.21% Equities BRL Brazil BRSUZBACNOR0
Nigerian Breweries PLC 000000000000000.210.21% Equities NGN Nigeria NGNB00000005
Natura &Co Holding SA 000000000000000.200.20% Equities BRL Brazil BRNTCOACNOR5
Shifa International Hospitals 000000000000000.190.19% Equities PKR Pakistan PK0072901017
Globe Trade Centre S.A. GTC 000000000000000.190.19% Equities PLN Poland PLGTC0000037
JHSF Participacoes SA 000000000000000.190.19% Equities BRL Brazil BRJHSFACNOR2
Lojas Renner SA 000000000000000.170.17% Equities BRL Brazil BRLRENACNOR1
Letshego Holdings Ltd 000000000000000.160.16% Equities BWP Botswana BW0000000322
HT Media Ltd 000000000000000.140.14% Equities INR India INE501G01024
Alkem Laboratories Ltd. 000000000000000.130.13% Equities INR India INE540L01014
Credit Suisse Nassau P-Note on Mouw 12/7-2021 000000000000000.130.13% Equities USD Luxembourg XS1860315552
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd 000000000000000.120.12% Equities INR India INE335K01011
Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Plc 000000000000000.090.09% Equities ZMW Zambia ZM0000000094
JP Morgan Eqty Wts on Changyuan A 11/8-2021 000000000000000.080.08% Equities USD Luxembourg NL0011819776
Jarir Marketing Co 000000000000000.070.07% Equities SAR Saudi Arabia SA000A0BLA62
Dong A Plastic Group Joint Stock Company 000000000000000.000.00% Equities VND Viet Nam VN000000DAG5
Cash etc. 000000000000002.012.01%
Last updated 29.01.2021
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.