Danske Invest Allocation

Horisont Försiktig Class SA d

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Danske Invest SICAV Sverige Ränta Class SI 000000000000019.4419.44% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU1349499027
Danske Invest SICAV Sverige Kort Ränta Class SI 000000000000016.3516.35% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU1349497328
Danske Invest Index Global AC Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000008.248.24% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060609196
Danske Invest SICAV Global Sustainable Future Class I-sek 000000000000006.636.63% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU2282194526
Danske Invest Index USA Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000005.455.45% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060610285
Danske Invest SICAV European Corporate Sustainable Bond Class I-sek h 000000000000004.994.99% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU1399305769
SWEDISH GOVERNMENT 1% 12.11.2026 000000000000004.294.29% Bonds SEK Sweden SE0007125927
Danske Invest SICAV Sverige Class SI 000000000000004.134.13% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU1349495116
Danske Invest SICAV Danish Mortgage Bond Class A-sek h 000000000000003.833.83% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU0332084994
Danske Invest Globala Realräntor, klass SEK h 000000000000003.433.43% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060485605
SWEDBANK HYPOTEK AB 1% 18.06.2025 000000000000003.263.26% Bonds SEK Sweden SE0013546066
Danske Invest Tillväxtmarknadsobligationer, klass SEK h 000000000000003.203.20% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060486090
SWEDISH GOVERNMENT 0.75% 12.11.2029 000000000000002.802.80% Bonds SEK Sweden SE0011281922
Danske Invest Select Tactical Asset Allocation Sverige, klass SEK W 000000000000002.462.46% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0061287505
Danske Invest Tillväxtmarknadsobligationer Lokal Val, Klass SEK 000000000000002.202.20% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060575272
STADSHYPOTEK AB 2% 01.09.2028 000000000000002.172.17% Bonds SEK Sweden SE0011062892
Danske Invest Index Global Emerging Markets Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000001.991.99% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060609352
Danske Invest SICAV Sverige Småbolag Class WA 000000000000001.571.57% Mutual funds SEK Denmark LU1857272543
Danske Invest Index Europe Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000001.121.12% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060608974
Danske Invest Index Japan Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000001.071.07% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060609519
Danske Invest Index Sweden Restricted, klass SEK W 000000000000000.550.55% Mutual funds SEK Denmark DK0060610012
STADSHYPOTEK AB 0.5% 01.06.2026 000000000000000.320.32% Bonds SEK Sweden SE0013882644
Cash etc. 000000000000000.510.51%
Last updated 30.12.2022
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.