Responsible Investments

When investing with Danske Invest, it is our obligation to serve your interests by creating both competitive and sustainable returns. To do so we integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) matters in all our investment practices similar to the way we look at financials or market momentum.

How we work

Danske Invest’s work with responsible investments is guided by Danske Bank’s responsible investment policy and is managed by Danske Bank’s Sustainability and Impact Investment team.

Our approach stands on a solid foundation with several building blocks to help us invest responsibly:

• We consider sustainability and impact when investing
• We enter into dialogue with companies and stakeholders
• We act as active owners and use our voice through voting
• We refrain from certain investments
• We are open through disclosure and reporting
• We seek to influence through collaboration

Learn more about our responsible investment approach

Learn about Danske Invest funds’ sustainability performance
A range of our funds have sustainability profiles in order to give the investors more insight into how the fund’s work with responsibility and sustainability. You will find this as part of relevant documents for each fund, if it is available.

You are also able to find sustainability globes on the majority of our funds. The independent analytics company Morningstar gives each fund between zero and five sustainability globes depending on how sustainable it is considered to be.

Measuring carbon footprint on a range our funds

Measuring and disclosing carbon footprint on funds help investors gain insights into how the fund performs in terms of climate-related impacts, risks and opportunities.

We will work to broaden our scope for number of funds included in our carbon footprint measurements as data quality increases and common business standards emerge.

Read the report for 2017 


Relevant policies and documents about responsible investment

Danske Invest RI Policy

Voting Policy

Exclusion list


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