Annual general meeting 2017

Convening notice: Danske Invest SICAV

Dear Shareholder,

You are invited to attend an annual general meeting of shareholders of the Company which will be held at the registered office of Danske Bank International S.A. at 13, rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, on 18 April 2017 at 10 a.m. (Luxembourg time), for the purpose of considering and voting upon the following agenda :

1. Report of the Board of Directors for the year 2016.

2. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts with Notes to the Accounts for the year 2016.

3. Decision on the Declaration of Dividend.

4. Discharge to the Board of Directors for the year 2016.

5. Election of the Board of Directors.

6. Election of Statutory Auditor.

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