Broader strategy for Danske Invest SICAV Europe Focus

Danske Invest is adjusting its strategy for the Europe Focus fund.

Recently, Europe Focus has not met our target for a satisfactory return. Danske Invest has therefore decided to adjust its strategy so that going forward the fund will have a broader profile and thus can invest in more European companies. The profile will, however, remain within the boundaries in the funds’ prospectuses.

 “Our ambition is to deliver a competitive return for our investors – and if we assess that is not the case, we will take the consequences and act. We have had positive experiences with a slightly broader strategy and we expect this can deliver the necessary boost to the fund’s return,” explains Klaus Ebert, Managing Director at Danske Invest Luxembourg.

The new strategy will be implemented in the near future.

We are reducing the costs as part of this strategy adjustment. Please see table below.

Danske Invest SICAV

Fund ISIN Previous ongoing charge New ongoing charge
Europe Focus Class A LU0088125512 1,87% p.a. 1,77% p.a.


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