Change of investment team for these Danske Invest funds

UPDATED 17.05.2024: Two of the world's largest and most talented asset managers will handle investments in selected Danske Invest funds in the future. Get an overview of the funds here.

At Danske Invest, we continuously focus on ensuring that the best portfolio managers handle the investments in our funds – and, as we announced in early February, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and BlackRock will therefore be managing the investments in a number of Danske Invest funds in the future.

On 26 April this year, Goldman Sachs Asset Management took over the responsibility for investments in selected actively managed funds for both shares and bonds, while BlackRock will take over the responsibility for investments in a number of index funds with shares on 17 May this year.

“For many years, Danske Invest has been successful in combining portfolio managers from Danske Bank Asset Management with carefully selected international portfolio managers to ensure that investors in our funds have access to a wide selection of leading asset managers. We’re consequently building on a well-known model,” says Robert Mikkelstrup, Managing Director of Danske Invest Management A/S.

This relates to the following funds from the unit trusts Danske Invest, Danske Invest Select and Danske Invest Index:

BlackRock will take over the management of the investments in these funds on 17 May 2024 - updated

DI Index Pacific incl. Canada ex. Japan Restricted - Accumulating KL
DI Index Japan Restricted - Accumulating KL
DI Index USA Restricted - Accumulating KL

Blackrock will manage the investments in a significant share of the index funds, and the number is expected to increase, as previously announced.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management took over the management of the investments in these funds on 26 April 2024

DI SICAV Global Sustainable Future
DI SICAV Global Emerging Markets
DI SICAV Emerging Markets Sustainable Future
DI SICAV Euro Investment Grade Corporate Bond
DI SICAV European Corporate Sustainable Bond
DI SICAV Global Corporate Sustainable Bond
DI SICAV Euro High Yield Bond


The purpose is to ensure that we continue to have the strongest possible setup for the Danske Invest funds for the benefit of our investors. The change of asset managers does not affect the ongoing costs for management of the funds, and, as an investor, you do not need to take any action.

“Our investors will continue to have access to the same wide range of products as before. With the new asset managers, the investors will simply have access to even stronger products without any increase in our prices. It is also important to point out that the funds will obviously continue to follow Danske Invest’s processes and Responsible Investment Policy. No matter who manages our funds, accountability always plays an important role when you invest with Danske Invest,” says Robert Mikkelstrup.
DISCLAIMER: This article is marketing material and does not constitute investment advice. Always be aware that historical returns are not an indication of future returns, which may be negative. Always consult your professional advisers on legal, tax and financial matters as well as other aspects that may be relevant for an assessment of whether an investment is suitable and expedient. We advise you to read the prospectuses and key investor information before making a final investment decision. The prospectus, key investor information and information about handling of complaints (investor rights) are available in Danish at this link (under ‘dokumenter’ (documents) for each individual fund, where you will also find information about the funds’ sustainability-related characteristics. The decision to invest in the funds should be made with due consideration of all the funds’ environmental and social characteristics or sustainable investment objectives as described in the prospectuses. Danske Invest Management A/S may decide to terminate the agreements entered into on the marketing of its funds.


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