Improved terms and conditions for fund investors

Changes in terms and conditions for calculating performance fees in several funds.

At Danske Invest we continuously strive to make investing in our funds simpler and more attractive. We have therefore changed the terms and conditions of the following funds:

• Danske Invest Hedge Fixed Income Strategies Fund
• Danske Invest Hedge Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
• Danske Invest Hedge Fixed Income Relative Value Fund
• Danske Invest Hedge Mortgage Arbitrage Fund

Investors in these funds pay an annual performance fee depending on the fund’s return.

To date, investors have paid performance fees if the funds have generated a higher return than the selected hurdle rate for the funds (see link below). However, short interest rates are currently negative across many markets, which means investors could potentially have to pay performance fees on a negative return. We have therefore altered the funds’ terms and conditions so investors only have to pay performance fees if return is positive.

In addition, performance fees will be based on the day-to-day interest rate going forward.

Find out more about the changes
The changes apply from 1 September. You can read more about the changes in the shareholder notice.


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