Liquidation of Equity Opportunities fund

Danske Invest Allocation - Equity Opportunities has too few investors to be profitable.

The Danske Invest Allocation – Equity Opportunities fund is being liquidated. The fund has insufficient number of investors to be profitable and therefore the Board of Directors of Danske Invest Allocation has decided to close the fund. It is already no longer possible to subscribe new shares in the fund. As of 13 February 2019, the fund will be closed for redemptions.

When the fund’s assets have been determined, the value of the underlying investments will be calculated and paid out to the fund’s investors. Settlement of the investment will as always be at the actual realisation prices minus realisation costs. We expect to be able to pay out to the fund’s investors around 28 February 2019.

The liquidation and closing will be in accordance with the law of Luxembourg, and Danske Invest Management Company will bear all costs associated with this.


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