Morningstar: Danske Invest awarded as the best equity manager

For the seventh year in a row, Danske Invest has won the award for best equity manager in Denmark. The award shows - once again - that Danske Invest is capable of providing solid and competitive returns.

The independent research institute Morningstar has awarded Danske Invest as the best equity investment management company for the seventh year in a row (measured on risk-adjusted returns). In addition, Danske Invest was among the top three finalists in the fixed income category.

“We’re extremely pleased to have won the award for best equity manager for the seventh year in a row. This proves that we’ve chosen the right strategy which is to select the best stockpicking portfolio managers,” says Robert Bruun Mikkelstrup, who is responsible for Danske Invest’s product range.

One strategy for the Nordic region
More than 10 years ago Danske Invest launched a new investment strategy which relied on in-house portfolio managers as well as a close co-operation with external portfolio management companies. The basis of the strategy is to rely on in-house experts for Danske Invest’s home markets in the Nordic region and Europe and to outsource the portfolio management to local experts outside the home markets.

And this is exactly the key to understanding why Danske Invest has won the award as the best equity manager in Denmark year after year.

“It’s important that our portfolio manager have a local knowledge and that they’re familiar with the business models of the companies in which they invest. Only by knowing what’s behind companies’ earnings and revenues, our portfolio managers are able to challenge the managements of the companies and to fully understand what they invest in,” says Robert Bruun Mikkelstrup.

Award-winning co-operation
In addition to the award as the best equity manager in Denmark, Danske Invest also ranked as number one in two of the ten individual fund categories, i.e. “Emerging Markets Bonds” and “Global Emerging Market Equities”.

The emerging markets bond fund (“Danske Invest Nye Markeder Obligationer”) is managed by Bent Lystbæk and his team in Danske Invest whereas the global emerging markets equity fund (“Danske Invest Nye Markeder”) is managed by Aberdeen Asset Management.

“We have an excellent relationship with Aberdeen, and the fact that our fund has won a Morningstar award proves that Danske Invest has benefitted from Aberdeen’s expertise in the emerging markets,” says Robert Bruun Mikkelstrup.


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