New fact sheets - updated daily

Danske Invest has launched new improved fact sheets which in the future will be updated every night to ensure updated versions every morning.

The new fact sheets are produced every night and published on the website to ensure that investors always have updated information about each fund. So far, the fact sheets has only been updated each month.

The new factsheets basically contains the same information as the previous versions, but with significant improvements and add-ons. The layout has been updated and new information has been added. Among other things, the factsheets include a picture of the portfolio manager and the data quality has improved significantly.

Furthermore, the factsheet now includes a so called Quick Response code which links to Danske Invest’s mobile website where you can find further information.

One of the advantages of the new fact sheets is that updates or corrections on the website will be implemented in the fact sheets promptly and not the following month. This is unique compared to our competitors and sends a signal openness and accessibility.

The factsheet template has been applied to all Danske Invest fund products, i.e. not only in Luxembourg but also in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. All in all, 1,200 documents covering app. 500 products in up to 6 languages are produced every night.

See examples of the new fact sheets on the product page


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