New fund: Danske Invest Global High Dividend

Danske Invest launches a fund investing in global high dividend stocks.

Danske Invest is expanding its equity fund universe with Danske Invest Global High Dividend.

The fund invests in global equities with a particular focus on dividend-paying companies.
Chief Portfolio Manager Peter Nielsen, who also manages Danske Invest Europe High Dividend, will head the fund team.

“Obviously the investment universe for Global High Dividend is larger, but it is nevertheless very similar to the European fund,” says Peter Nielsen.

Global High Dividend invests in around 40 companies, of which about half are repeats from Europe High Dividend.

“This allows us to capitalise on our knowledge of European companies, while at the same time spreading our investment reach to include the rest of the world,” says Peter Nielsen.

European stocks generally pay out slightly higher dividends than stocks from other regions, but the benefits of investing globally include a slightly reduced risk level and a more diverse set of investment opportunities.
The Global High Dividend fund is currently expected to earn around 4 per cent from dividends per year, whereas the European fund is expected earn around 4.5 per cent.

“However, total returns (dividends plus share price gains) are expected to be rather similar for the two strategies,” says Peter Nielsen.

Since its launch in 2003, the Danske Invest Europe High Dividend fund in Denmark has averaged an annual return of 9.9 per cent. Historical return is no reliable indicator of future return.


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